There is a lot of information available regarding Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) for recreational vehicles and for good reason. Tire blowouts and other tire issues can create costly damage to your RV and create safety issues when traveling. RV tire issues can put an end to a well planned trip in an instant.

A TPMS is a wireless system designed to monitor the temperature and air pressure inside of a vehicle’s tires. A TPMS system will include sensors for each tire being monitored and a display monitor that reports the pressure of each tire. The purpose of a TPMS is to warn the driver of any tire issues that may create unsafe driving conditions.

Tire failure can begin to occur without the driver even knowing it. An underinflated tire causes the temperature to rise on the tire, and once most tires get above 200 degrees Fahrenheit, the compounds in the tire start to break down, and this is when a blowout could occur. A TPMS can alarm you of dangerous underinflation issues, and in most cases in time for you to get off of the road before a tire blowout occurs.

Why TST?

After research and testing most reputable TPMS units, we at TechnoRV know that the TST brand is the best unit on the market for a lot of reasons. First, TST is a tire company. Tire monitoring and tire inflation is all they do, and they do it very well. Next (besides the superior quality of the product), the TST hits all of my TPMS must-haves:
  • ​Color Monitor with Auto-Scrolling Tire Positions
  • ​Multiple Sensor Options
  • ​Multiple Mounting Options
  • ​Pressure-Activated Sensors
  • ​User Replaceable Sensor Batteries
  • ​3-year Comprehensive Warranty
  • ​Excellent Customer Service and Support

TPMS Guide + TST Discount Code

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What Does a TPMS Do  
A clear overview of what a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) will do for you.
Features to Look for 
in a TPMS
We explore the features that are important to RVers, whether you are in a 45-foot class A or a Teardrop.
Why Every RVer Needs a TPMS 
A real life look at the unique needs of an RVer relating to tire safety and monitoring.